Jelani Consulting is a B corporation that empowers people and organizations to be facilitators of fairness and leaders in social innovation by producing resources and providing services that directly impact meaningful change for the social good that would not happen otherwise.


  • Workplaces are becoming more diverse due to movement toward fairer recruitment and hiring practices.
  • Most employers do not have the expertise or systems in place to effectively “manage the mix”.
  • More decision makers realize that diversity fuels potential for innovation, yet they often lack the expertise or skills to influence successful collaboration between people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Our approach is practical, rather than theoretical, and the practical approach is what learners need.
  • We have the ability to produce digital tools that provide immediate access to develop practical skills and actionable steps to influence change – an ability that differentiates us from other consultants in our category.


People. Powerful Beyond Measure
Jelani Consulting, LLC is a firm specializing in building and sustaining an organization’s competitive edge. Technology makes the world smaller and business demands we work with people different from us. We'd love to hear from you about how we may be able to help!