Bigotry is a cancer to society

Friends –

Ever since I heard stories from my grandfather and grandmother telling me of abuse and terror they experienced during their youth in West Texas, I’ve wanted to make a real difference in everyday people’s lives and stop hatred in its many forms. Today, fighting bigotry of all kinds is like battling a cancer that is pervasive, debilitating, and insidious. I’ve been searching long and hard for ways to fight this terrible disease of bigotry. In today’s terms, bigotry is more likely to come in the form of unconscious bias continuing the ugly cycle of injustice alive and well.

According to a recent CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 83% of Americans believe racism a problem. However, most people have few practical ideas of what to do to make a real difference. I think that I’ve found at least one innovative way to fight against the many faces of bigotry through the use of technology. I’m partnering with award-winning, Enspire Learning to create customized digital tools to help “inoculate” people from the harsh consequences of unconscious bias. I would like to provide the service for FREE to pre-K through 12th grade teachers across the country.

As part of my Kickstarter campaign, I’m working with my friends to raise $160,000 to go directly to the Unconscious Bias eLearning Project. Your support of any amount would be a great help toward reaching this goal. You can just choose the gift amount you would like to make.

Your generosity will play a role in my efforts to ensure preK to 12th grade teachers receive the eLearning for FREE in 2016. If you’d like to contribute, you can give online.

Thank you so much for your support. Let’s #BeatUnconsciousBias together!

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Affectionately known as “KP”, Dr. Kazique J. Prince is founder and chief executive officer at Jelani Consulting, LLC based in Austin, Texas. Jelani Consulting, LLC, provides executive and leadership consultation and coaching services focused on cultural competency for individuals, teams, and organizations in business, education, government, healthcare, and for non-profit groups. Throughout his career, Dr. Prince carved out a reputation as a dynamic and comprehensive communicator and trusted adviser. Governed by a focused vision for the future and fueled by a passion to make a difference in the new global economy, he has considerable experience in the areas of Project & Program Management, Diversity & Inclusion Management, and Cross-functional Leadership Development. He also owns a powerful understanding of people and what motivates them, drawing upon unique skill sets to sell, counsel and encourage others towards meaningful, lasting change.

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