Services Offered

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Cultural competency training generally focuses on an array of topics such as diversity, communication, conflict resolution, inclusion, and social justice with the intent to increase productivity, encourage innovation, and improve services for increasingly more diverse clients or customers.
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During our evaluation, we assess all or a sample group of individuals from an organization or educational institution’s cultural competence.  The overall cultural competence of an organization can augment their ability to respond and proactively engage their strategic priorities effectively and efficiently.
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Consulting and Coaching
Corporate leaders, managers, and team members receive practical ways to develop greater cultural competence with customized feedback, a collaborative relationship between an individual and a coach to focus on enhancing performance.
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Jelani Consulting, LLC is a firm specializing in building and sustaining an organization’s competitive edge. Technology makes the world smaller and business demands we work with people different from us. We'd love to hear from you about how we may be able to help!