Jelani Consulting, LLC staff prepares customized training programs for half-day workshops and full to multi-day seminars. Generally, half-day workshops are up to three (3) hours, whereas full-day seminars are six (6) hours long. A series of multi-day seminars over a number of days or months can also be developed to match the needs of the organization. A thorough evaluation is highly recommended to provide a needs assessment to assure the best training program is provided.

Cultural competency training generally focuses on an array of topics such as diversity, communication, conflict resolution, inclusion, and social justice with the intent to increase productivity, encourage innovation, and improve services for increasingly more diverse clients or customers. There are also aims to better prepare professionals and college students as they plan trips abroad to international locations across the globe.

A comprehensive approach offers professionals and college students alike the best opportunity to gain the most out of their intercultural experiences, adapt more effectively to other cultures, and, upon their return from abroad, effectively transition back into their families, workplace, and communities with fewer challenges.

CEO Message

Learning customs, traditions, and rituals only partly equip people to manage cultural differences.

  • Identify Strengths and Growth Areas
  • Discuss & Improve Cultural Conflict
  • Individual & Team Feedback
  • Half and Full Day Seminars Available
  • Ongoing Consultation & Coaching Available
  • Executive & Leadership Development
  • Optimize Performance
  • Maximize Talent & Resources
  • Cohort-based Leadership Development

Unconscious Bias: Discovering Biases of the Well-Intentioned

This workshop helps participants better understand how unconscious bias influences hiring practices, evaluation, service implementation, and leadership styles. There will be an opportunity to improve decision making, diminish unconscious bias, and reduce micro-inequalities.

Training Objectives:

  • Distinguish among diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency and their connection to unconscious bias
  • Discuss past difficulties, limitations, or obstacles in recruitment and retention processes for underrepresented and educationally disadvantaged staff, faculty, and students
  • Define unconscious or implicit bias to improve the recruitment and retention efforts as an alternative to simply avoiding bias or responding with only egalitarian values
  • Identify ways to recognize unconscious bias and strategies for diminishing use of assumptions in decision making process.
  • Recognize how unconscious bias influences one’s thoughts and actions
  • Use promising strategies to reduce unconscious bias
D+I Interactive Lab

This workshop focuses on identifying practical ways to develop greater cultural competence. Specific interventions and engaging activities are provided to create the kind of change valued. Discover ways to reduce stress, feel more competent and confident, and take educated risks in developing cultural bridges, when appropriate. Avoid generalized interventions and focus on team or individual needs along a range of skills, knowledge, and abilities.

D+I Lab Covers the Following:

  • Complete the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a reliable, research-based measure of cultural competence, used for individuals, teams, and/or organizations
  • Learn how the IDI differs from traditional measures of intercultural competence
  • Briefly review the cross-cultural validity and reliability research used in developing the IDI
  • Receive a customized individual report and detailed action plan to improve your cultural competency
  • Receive IDI feedback in non-judgmental environment identifying strengths and learning goals regardless of level of mindset
  • Facilitated by an IDI Qualified Administrator

  • Half Day (3 hour Workshops): $3,000 (US Dollars) plus all expenses (travel, hotel accommodations, etc.)
  • Each Full Day or 2 Half Days (6-hour Training Seminars): $6,000 (US Dollars) plus all expenses (travel, hotel accommodations, etc.)
  • Any assessments administered will be a separate cost based on the number of individuals
  • Cultural Competency Profile pricing is recommended for individuals or teams smaller than 15 people

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