Cards for Belonging & Inclusion

Games for Humanity now play-testing for the Cards for Belonging & Inclusion deck.

In a partnership between Erin Hickok, creator of Cards for Connection®, Kazique Prince, founder and CEO of Jelani Consulting, LLC, we are inviting community members to play test and launch the newest game in the Cards for Connection® Collection.

Together, we are bringing this dream of connection & belonging to reality.

Play-Test Sessions are happening now & our first v1 printable deck is here!

Your pre-order and optional donation will help us complete the play-test process and bring the deck to print. 

This deck is the perfect way to create meaningful conversations that expand personal awareness and explore our lived experiences of diversity, equity, and inclusion through a fun and interactive card deck.

With your order, you also receive:

  • a mini printable deck (July)
  • a play-test ticket (sessions in July & August)
  • full printable deck (August)
  • full printed deck (September)

About the Deck

Cards for Connection® decks make it easy to bring people together with thoughtful prompts and playful activities.
Small package, easy to carry with you, and create meaningful moments anywhere.

  • 1 to 8 players
  • 100+ Cards
  • Modify for groups of any size.
  • Easy to modify for timing
  • Guidelines included
  • 13+ yrs

You’ll be so glad that you said yes to having your very own Cards for Belonging & Inclusion deck to play with your people.