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“Learning expands great souls”​

— Namibian proverb 

Our Services

Free Initial Consultation

Talk for 30 minutes to sort through the challenge(s) experienced and see if we might be a good fit to collaborate with one another.

Generate Action Plan

Oftentimes, leaders have no idea of where to start. Developing an action plan is an invaluable opportunity to set a course for what a person or organization would like to accomplish.

Mini-Equity Lab

Four VIP sessions will focus on work over a shorter period of time with the option of continuing after achieving the initial action plan.

VIP Sessions

VIP sessions will focus on developing a 6-month plan to identify target issue, deepen knowledge and insights, create clear goals, review results, provide opportunities to engage one-on-one to questions, and launch toward accomplishing their goals.

Equity MasterClass

Benefit from collaborating with other national and global leaders through virtual workshops, guest speakers, and individual VIP Sessions. There is the added benefit of collaborating with peers sorting through similar challenges, testing out ideas, and contributing their insights to help solve some of the biggest challenges you and your team faces.

Equity Turned Up Circle (Online)

Equity Turned Up Circle (Online) Join this online community as we face unapologetically the numerous social justice challenges. Here will be an opportunity to share a space, allow ourselves to be a little vulnerable, while seeking out and finding support.


You must first know where your gaps are – which is why cultural fluency assessments and program evaluations are so important.

Virtual Chief Equity Officer

Business leaders seek support and expertise to align their goal to build an inclusive and culturally rich and conscious team to better serve their clients

Consulting & Coaching

Even for the most well-intentioned managers and leaders, it can be a struggle to navigate the cultural nuances that arise as workplaces become increasingly diverse.

Speaking, Talks, & Workshops

We speak special events and prepare workshops and programs for half-, full- and multi-day seminars oftentimes informed by a robust discovery process.

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“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.”

— Maya Angelou, Poet